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Meet WebSacco

What is WebSacco?

WebSacco is a platform that will provide your sacco, your digital lending business or your microfinance with all the tools you need to run a profitable and digitally aware enterprise.

We provide a cloud version which you can test drive here and we also provide a solution you can install.

We have member tools which will enable your Sacco member to save, borrow and repay through their mobile phones. We provide an omnichannel toolset which encompass:

  • USSD
  • Android App
  • iOS App Coming Soon

Why use WebSacco?

When it comes to managing your SACCO finances, one needs a tool that eases the workload, is accurate, secure and accessible. Financial information stored on Websacco is done securely ensuring your information is only visible to authorized users. We are available anywhere 24/7 as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

Websacco provides an enterprise-class security architecture which enables your SACCO account to be integrated with core banking, also designed and engineered for large scale SACCOs, which possesses high sophistication and great performance.

WebSacco Facts

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WebSacco Features

Registration of Members

Captures all necessary details about a SACCO, system administrator and members.

SACCO Contributions

Allows members to contribute to their savings and or shares accounts on a daily, monthly, etc. basis, depending on the system configurations. Contributions can also be backdated, and can be configure to be for an outstanding loan. The system also allows for SMS and email notification to the member after transaction completion.

Loans Management

The system automates loan applications, repayment, interests, guarantees, and guarantors. This is usually defined by the SACCOs by-laws. A loan application process can capture: Amount applied for, Reason for the loan, Type of the loan, Repayment period, Disbursement method, Allow addition of guarantors to cover for the amount above member’s available share balance, Display loan repayment schedule/ amortization, Check all organization’s by laws before finalizing the application and much more!

Standing Orders

Enables SACCOs to automate certain bulk activities such as loan deductions, special contributions, fees and penalties etc.

General Accounting

Here, the system performs basic bookkeeping activities for the SACCO based on the information captured. This can be: Addition of assets accounts, Addition of liability accounts, Profit and Loss statements, Bank Reconciliations, General Ledger, Trial Balance & Balance sheet, among others.


All reports and statements in the system can be exported to other software applications like, MS Excel and Adobe PDF Reader, and printed out when necessary. Some of the statements include: Member Account Statement, Member account mini statement, Individual saving plan account statement etc. Some of the reports also include: Loan repayment report, Guarantors report, Guaranteed report, SACCO Issued Loan Report, SACCO Loan balances report, SACCO savings report, SACCO available balances report, SACCO daily transactions report, SACCO periodical transactions report, Income report, Expenses report, Bank (statement) transactions report etc.

System Administration

SACCO administrator has powers to regulate members and their activities on the system.
Features include:
• Create, update, delete, suspend members
• Assign, Deny member permissions and roles
• Create, Update, Delete SACCO details like Bank Accounts etc.
• Other administrative capabilities.

A product for you!

Target Market

Digital Lenders

Digital lenders are likely to invest a lot of time and energy in building a platform that will allow them to disburse money quickly and effectively.

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