On-Premise SACCO Solution

On-premise installations are hosted by SACCOs on your servers. We install the platform on your servers (either on the cloud or on your physical office servers). We also integrate your own USSD channel, your SMS platform and SMS Masking Name and also whitelabel your tool as per your brand identity. Members are also provided with an android app which they use to check their statements, request loans and manage all their loan repayments.

Suitable for SACCOs:

1. With more than 500 members.
2. With physical offices and servers


1. Dedicated hosting for your platform means higher speeds.
2. You are in full control of your SACCOs data.


One off fee of KES 1million.
Installation fee of KES 50,000 one off
Support fees of KES 100,000 per year.

Optional Charges

PayBill integration fees of KES 50,000 one off.