On-Cloud SACCO Solution

Your data is hosted on WebSacco servers maintained by the WebSacco team.
Cloud solution is suitable for smaller organizations which have a need to get their organization online quickly.

It’s very quick to register and begin at once. We give 60 days’ free trial to all online accounts. Each and every organization gets their own space and sub-domain where you register all the clients.
Your members will use the android app and we will provide your organization with the USSD platform.
E.g. *100*1*1#


1. Dedicated support by the WebSacco team.
2. Maintenance and security assured by the WebSacco team.


Monthly fee of KES 100 per member per month for up to 250 members. Above 250 members you will get a custom package for your organization.

Optional Charges

SACCO setup fees of KES 50,000.