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WebSacco is for you!

WebSacco is a platform that will provide your SACCO, your digital lending business or your microfinance with all the tools you need to run a profitable and digitally aware enterprise.

We provide a cloud version which you can test drive here and we also provide a solution you can install. We have member tools which will enable your SACCO members to save, borrow and repay through their mobile phones.

We also provide an omnichannel toolset which encompass:

1) USSD platform,
2) Android App and
3) iOS App (in development)

  Some of the features include…
  • On-boarding & member

  • Member deposits

  • Member fining

  • Member checkoffs

  • Loans management

  • Transactions

  • Reports

  • Statements

  • Communications

  • SACCO investments management

  • E-Wallet

  • Income & expenses management

  • Financial accounts management

  • Notifications